Meet Alex

“Lost over 21 kg’s”

Meet Andy

"K2Fit is not just about the individual challenge, its also about the community. I’m proud to be a Captain!”

Meet Alexandria

“Lost 15kg and have maintained my weight”

Meet Anna

"Now I can do 5 full chin ups!”

Meet Bert

“K2Fit helped me balance it all”

Meet Carlos

“My endurance and strength has improved significantly and the hard work has paid off.”

Meet Ilona

“My story is a common one. I have struggled with weight my whole life.”

Meet Ian

“Every day tasks became easier to do”

Meet Harry

“In 10 weeks, I lost 21kgs!”

Meet Malin

“K2Fit is now a lifestyle”

Meet Fred

“My back no longer hurts”

Meet Fiona

“The Challenge made me step up my fitness efforts.”

Met Errin

”I’m down from 100kg to 84kg in 10 weeks! Time to build muscle.”

Meet Egbert

“The combination of coaching with step-by-step and day-to- day instructions made it so easy to stay on track.”

Meet John

"I lost 30 kgs! Now it’s my new way of life.”

Meet Karen

“It helped me get rid of that stubborn weight”

Meet Karin

“I needed to buy a new bikini and I finally fit my old jeans.“

Meet Kristin

"K2Fit taught me to be kind to myself and empathies with myself… Like Coach Kara’s TedX talk”

Meet Leigh

“After letting myself go, my life is back on track!”

Meet Linda

“Fit 40’s, Lost 10 kilos and maintaining”

Meet Luis

“The main advantage of this program is that it can suit the needs of both a beginner or an experienced athlete.”

Meet Stephanie

“I am feeling stronger and happier than ever before!”

Meet Sarah

“I hit my pre-wedding weight!”

Meet Marcello

“This was my 8th Challenge and was an excellent experience, as always!”

Meet Wesley

"Losing 21 kilos is life-changing!”

Meet Vicky Li

“I achieved a body I didn’t think I could, and I love the way I look and feel.”

Meet Sandra

“62 Years Young and Fittest Ever!"

Meet Elisabeth

“I didn’t believe online fitness training could work. Now I know it does!”

Meet Panda

“Helping me with my body image”

Meet Sammy

“Happy be a captain and have my wonderful team to support each other.”

Meet Sally

“My kids motivated me and now we all live a healthy lifestyle.”

Meet Vincent

“Was great to have the whole family interested in the challenge and getting fit together.”

Meet Ratish

“I lost over 17 kilos and am a better father”

Meet Mark

“Now that I’ve reached my fitness goals, I am pumped to hit higher ones!”

Meet Donna

“K2Fit has revolutionized the whole concept of personal training. Now you can train “virtually” with the same care and attention of a face-to-face session.”

Meet Muriel

“I cried when the scale finally went under 80kg.”