Meet Carlos

“My endurance and strength has improved significantly and the hard work has paid off.”


I initially entered because my girlfriend asked and I thought it sounded interesting. After three seasons, I learned a lot and one of the things that kept me in for 3 seasons straight is that K2Fit encourages a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The competition also keeps me motivated and our team is always smashing it. There are no dull moments with the Zhuhai Pirates and they have become an extended family here in Zhuhai.


One of the main challenges is adapting the schedule of work and exercise. We started a new morning exercise routine (waking up early, going to sleep early) and our daily routines had to be rescheduled to accommodate this. Thankfully our local personal trainers and K2Fit Captains in the area, Jingjing and Robert, helped us to train as well as opening their gym earlier for us.


New habits have helped with my fitness goals and I plan to keep them. Our new morning exercise routine, Tai Chi classes, keeping food portion sizes are according to my recommended calorie intake and minimizing sugary drinks.


During the K2Fit Challenge, I went back to lifting weights which I have not done since high school, and I was able to lift as much weight as I used to in my younger days! I have achieved a health performance similar to when I was younger. My endurance and strength has improved significantly and I feel like the hard work paid off and that motivates me to keep going. Perhaps a six pack is in sight!

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Meet Linda

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Meet Sandra

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Meet Kristin

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Meet Egbert

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Meet Karen

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Meet John

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Meet Donna

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Meet Ilona

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Meet Andy

Meet Andy "K2Fit is not just about the individual challenge, its also about the community. I’m proud to be a Captain!”   “My K2Fit journey started back in June 2016, I was an over weight unhealthy mess that still thought he looked good but deep down knew...

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Meet Ratish

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