Meet Luis

“The main advantage of this program is that it can suit the needs of both a beginner or an experienced athlete.”

I decided to join K2Fit mainly because of my work colleague’s recommendation and also in order to find out to which point I could push myself throughout the 10 weeks program.


Throughout my whole life I’ve been a major fan of sports – I was a federated player in Portugal for 15 years and at a later stage switched to football/soccer. Having major issues in keeping weight while not doing exercise, when I moved to China my body instantly felt the need to keep that workout routine, so I decided to sign a gym membership. The first few months were great, and I could see some improvement in looks and weight, until I came to a dead end, where I would keep my training routine and see no improvements apart from getting stronger.


This was when I decided to join K2Fit, expecting to get that extra boost needed – and what a boost it was! With thanks to the team’s nutritionist and captain of the Zhuhai Pirates team, I am in a group of training beasts, who are used to giving their absolute best at each K2Fit season. This was definitely a huge trigger for me to push myself and keep accountable throughout the competition.


In a big part, it was this sense of community and achieving goals together that allowed me to look and feel the best I’ve ever did in my life – so massive Kudos to K2Fit for that!


Overall, I’d say the main advantage of this program is that it can suit the needs of both a beginner or an experienced athlete – not only it gives you the tools and know-how to understand how your body works, but also provides a sense of community and accountability where you have not only your team but thousands of people working towards the same goal – to become the fittest they’ve ever been and convert that into a lifestyle!”

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Meet Sandra

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Meet Kristin

  When I first started, I saw an ad for a free trial, the 14-days to FIT. At that time, I was travelling for work and feeling fed up with how I looked and how i felt physically. I’ll admit, I didn’t finish those first 14-days… It’s hard to get into the routine...

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Meet Egbert

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Meet Karen

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Meet John

  I had tried all the diets before and I kept roller coasting up and down with my weight. I would cut all the carbs, the fats, whatever the diet said, I did it. But I couldn’t live so restrictive my whole life! Then every time I stopped a diet, I would gain the...

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Meet Donna

  I believe that K2Fit has revolutionized the whole concept of personal training. K2Fit has helped add quality years to my life. I have proven I can do anything if I just keep working at it and don’t let my age (69) or arthritis issues hold me back. Clean eating...

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Meet Ilona

  Growing up in a Polish-Canadian family heavy comfort foods were served daily and exercise was sparse. Still, through my teens and twenties I managed to yo-yo myself into the occasional goal weight.Until I had my daughter five years ago…. The pounds piled on...

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Meet Andy

  “My K2Fit journey started back in June 2016, I was an over weight unhealthy mess that still thought he looked good but deep down knew something needed to change. I heard about K2Fit Challenge and decided to sign up and take the challenge, when i announced this...

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Meet Ratish

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