Meet Wesley

"Losing 21 kilos is life-changing!”


When I think about where I’ve started, I can only smile and feel amazed at what I’ve achieved in these 10 weeks. I started the challenge weighing 100.50 KGs.


My health report stated that I had a fatty liver, buying clothes made me feel depressed, I was not at all happy with how I looked, but I never had the motivation to do something about it. Some of my friends and colleagues were talking about K2Fit, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to jump-start my process.


Losing 21 KGs is Life-Changing, I feel confident, proud, and I have new belief that anything is possible. From a young age I loved sport, and even from my school days, I dreamed of having my own Sport and Recreation Centre. This Challenge has given me new hope of going for my dreams.


I feel proud of myself also on a mental level, during the 10 weeks I had some difficult times, I had a knee injury, I was placed in quarantine, and I had to deal with the loss of a loved one. I used these setbacks as motivation to push harder because these difficult times made my 10 weeks more like a 7-week challenge fitness-wise.


I hope my results and transformation will positively influence others to also achieve their desired health and fitness levels. With hard work, dedication, and Coach Kara’s motivation and support you can certainly achieve your dreams.


This is only the start of my journey, and I believe with the good habits that I’ve picked up during the challenge I will be able to achieve more of my goals.


Thank you Coach Kara for your support, motivation, and positive vibes. Long may K2Fit continue!


Thanking you, Endlessly

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